The view from Intra-Dimensional Healer, Cherie Hickman's backyard

I’m back from vacation and trying to ease my back into my busy schedule. My apologies for lack of posts lately but I just haven’t had time, but soon I’ll have LOTS to share with you. First… You may already know that I’ve been studying and working a lot with “energy” over the last several years. Now, I’m taking a 9-day energy course in July where I’ll be improving my healing and psychic abilities. Call me coo-coo crazy but I’m lovin’ it!

The course, “Intra-Dimensional Web Working,” was developed as a holistic means of working in the subtle body fields around the physical body. It’s effective for multiple problems throughout the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. And no, this isn’t hocus-pocus. We were all born with this and just forgotten how to do it.

During my course, we are offering services for clients to receive 3-on-1 healing facilitated by Colette Chase (the superstar in healing and my coach) and Cherie Hickman (my every-day healer) and myself for student practice (appointments available July 10-13). Sessions are $220 for 1 hour (with 3 high-frequency energy healers instead of normally just one).  If you feel called to have a session, feel free to email Cherie at or (703) 489-4123.

Colette Chase

Colette Chase – International Master Healer and Teacher

Cherie Hickman

Cherie Hickman – Intra-Dimensional Healer








For me, it has been crucial in overall well-being (life purpose, cleaning off negative energy, healing migraines and past lives situations etc.), and of course it has helped my art immensely as I have a very clear vision and path as an artist. Naturally, since I have a strong healing side to me, my art has healing qualities and vibrates on a high-frequency that customers and clients can sense. Often, I hear “oh, i want to stay around your pieces forever” or I feel so good when I look at this painting.” I strive to spread nurturing joy around the art through my art and, as silly as it may sound, make the world a better place. This is my calling, and I always want to improve my abilities

How do you connect with your calling, and would you ever consider a healing?