A good water bottle should make you want to drink more water, at least in my opinion, and the Copco Sierra Cold Tumbler (24 oz.) does it for me. Here’s why:

  • It’s clear so I can see the water I’m drinking and how much I have left… this usually motivates me to finish it faster. (my water is usually mixed with cranberry juice)
  • It has a sizable straw plus a little mixer at the bottom so you can stir your drink better. Too cute.
  • The non-slip grip is perfect for me because I hate getting my hand cold, AND i won’t accidentally drop it and spill on my painting!
  • The lid is securely screwed on and really is sealed on there.
  • And a must, it’s dishwasher safe! 

Besides the royal blue color, it also comes in hot pink, orange and purple, and it’s only $7.99 on Amazon.com so I may have to get all of them! I love this one. It’s perfect for me. 🙂