Erica with her Dad on vacation in Ireland, 1998

My Dad and I during a vacation in Dublin, Ireland, 1998.

In honor of my Dad’s birthday, my husband suggested we cook one of his favorite foods tonight. Soooo… we’re having MAGNUM ICE CREAM for dinner. YUM!

What’s behind Eriksdotter? I was born with the last name Larsson, but one day (when I was 10) my sisters and I decided to honor our dad and changed our name to Eriksdotter, which means “Erik’s daughter” in Swedish. This was a naming-tradition in Sweden that ended more than 100 years ago. I’ve always felt very connected to the name and believed that this name would be my platform. I’m so proud of my name, more so now as my father passed away when I was 21. My father inspired me to dream big. He traveled all over the world, yet managed to appear he was never away at all. It made me realize that the world isn’t so big after all, and it helped me “just go for it,” as he used to say.

I think that’s why I’m so honored when my customers say they have their very own “Eriksdotter” in their home.