Happy Lucia

Happy Lucia to everyone who celebrates this in and from Scandinavia and Italy. My sister sent me this photo from this morning. She baked lussebullar last night which she served for breakfast to her three kids. Oh, the luckiest kids. Yup, I was mighty jealous.

You see, I consider it a small victory that I’ve managed to (sparsely) decorate so far this year. For the last few years, the holidays have become overwhelming for me. Why? Because this is when “how do you manage it all?” really becomes a “I don’t.”  Having a day-job (which currently is a little stressful) and then coming home to my studio filled with paintings with Christmas deadlines, finished pieces that needs to be photographed and shipped out, and not to mention promotions to reach some biz goals.  My brain feels fried, my breathing is shallow and my painting arm is about to fall off. Every painting deserves my time and energy. But what do you do when you don’t have any and they still need to get done?

Throw in the holidays into my day-to-day routine and my life becomes too much. Not to mention Casey’s birthday on the 18th. Gaaahh. What to get him!? What to get everyone else?

So while I have a whole list of good gifts on Pinterest, all I want for Christmas is for it to all to slow down. I, too, would like to bake lussebullar and try out my great-grandmother’s ginger-cookie recipe, maybe enjoy girly holiday movies to get into the spirit, drink some glogg and just enjoy all the wonderful Swedish holiday traditions leading up to Christmas.

Happy Lucia (watch Swedish Television’s annual Lucia here) and Happy Pity Party to me because I sure do need one today, and you are welcome to join me.