{Hurriquake: earthquake on Tuesday and hurricane on Sunday}

So we had an earthquake Tuesday. Yikes, that wasn’t pleasant at all was it? The worst part was seeing Lola (my cat) run in panic to hide under the bed but the floor was shaking so bad it was like she was running on ice. She slid right into the wall. We’ve had a few aftershakes but I’ve only felt one.

Now we’re bracing for the first hurricane of the season. Sometimes we get the leftovers of a hurricane but most of the times they don’t bother us too much. This one may change its path but it’s looking very likely that we’ll get some pretty strong winds and lots of rain this weekend (DC is right where the SUN AM line is).

I’ve experienced a couple of hurricanes before. One in 2003 which caused some pretty bad damages here in the DC area (hurricane Isabel) and then tropical storm Gabrielle hit us when we were staying on Hatteras Island, in the Outer Banks, NC, on vacation. It wasn’t very strong so we didn’t need to evacuate but the house we were renting was shaking for more then 24 hours straight.

Sooo… I was really hoping to share a new painting with you today instead of talking about the weather, but I haven’t been able to paint for the last couple of days. I unfortunately threw out my back and have been ordered by my chiropractor to take it very easy and mostly lay in bed. I mean, the pain is preventing me to push my limits anyways but I really was hoping to share this one with you today. Instead it will be up Tuesday.

{I’m not sure what I’ll name this 48×48 inches big hibiscus. Any suggestions?}

So while I rest up, I hope you have a lovely rest of the week and sunny weekend!