Ikea Crawfish Aug 2013

August is already long gone (I’m so behind on blog posts!) and that’s the month us Swedes eat crawfish any chance we get. It has to be the right kind, no New Orleans stuff for us, but marinated in brine and dill. Mmmm. So we headed to IKEA to get our fix. Thank God for the Mothership.

Ikea Aug 2013

If you’ve ever been to IKEA, you know it’s hard to get away with just buying ONE thing…

Crawfish dinner Aug 2013

This is what I long for every August! Eating crawfish and toasting with snaps! And of course the Swedish flag has a place on the table.

last Crawfish of the season

I even managed to polish off a whole package on my own the other night – the last of the season!  Does your culture celebrate any types of special food for a whole month?