You probably already know that I’m a big fan of Downton Abbey and all those other British period shows. I watch them all the time, and then over and over again. I recently discovered an interesting show thanks to Tom and Lorenzo and watched it while wrapping up my latest painting (stay tuned for photos next week!).

Manor House apparently aired in 2006 but I would have completely missed it if it hadn’t been for a recent Facebook post by Tom and Lorenzo. Though this is not a romanticized British drama… It’s a gripping reality series where nineteen volunteers from the modern world find that life of a grand country house in the early 20th century is plagued by all-too familiar themes: money, power and position.

The 6-part series presented by PBS, takes a family of 5 and a staff of 14 strangers and puts them into a real authentic Edwardian and you basically watches how it all plays out during 3 months. What would you do if you suddenly had to follow a rule book, couldn’t speak your mind, or wash more than once a week? If you were the head of the household and living in luxury, would it go to your head?

Watch the show on YouTube.