I started a bridal bouquet commission last week and I haven’t gotten very far with it because I’ve been battling a nasty cold. I just can’t seem to kick it. I don’t like painting when I’m sick. It’s not that I don’t enjoy painting it’s just that I don’t like putting that energy into my art. Same goes for if I would be feeling down or sad. I want the owner of my art work only to receive good and happy energy. Fortunately, I’m very seldom sick, down or sad.

Still, I’m slowly getting somewhere with this beautiful bouquet. The client, Keri, got married last summer on Cape Cod. This is actually a commission from a few of her wedding guests. Isn’t that such a nice idea? They brought the brochure and the gift certificate with them so the bride knew what to expect and now I’m working directly with Keri to complete her original painting keepsake. 

Her bouquet consists of beautiful white roses and several yellow gerberas. I love gerberas. It’s one of my favorite flowers and they are fun to paint because of shading and lighting, a few petals can look completely different from the others. They really come alive.

Wish me luck!