Erica Eriksdotter, healer in Intra-Dimensional Web Working

It has been a long time coming and I’m ready to announce that I’m expanding the studio to include individual healing sessions!

If you’ve followed me for a while it comes as no surprise to you as I’ve shared my studies with Master Healers Colette Chase and Cherie Young on the blog. I talk frequently about connecting with energies and intuition through my art, and how healing and my art is very much one. Art customers have shared how amazing they feel while viewing my art and expressed how healing the paintings have been for them. I now invite you to join me for an individual session and to experience energy healing on a personal level.

More information about healing here, and you can book a session here.

Erica Eriksdotter, healer in Intra-Dimensional Web Working

My story

My personal journey began in 2008 when I grabbed Cherie Young‘s card at my acupuncture’s office. I was suffering from migraines almost on a daily basis (hence which is way I was trying acupuncture even though I had a fear of needles!). I was wondering if the headaches were a result of not grieving my father enough (he had passed 7 years earlier) and creating tension headaches. It was the only explanation I could think of because frankly, I didn’t have any of the other typical migraine triggers (food or environmental etc.). Could emotions get stuck in my muscles in my neck and shoulders creating the pain?

I held on to her card for a year before emailing her. I went to see her the following weekend, superearly on a Saturday morning. I was nervous. Really nervous. I had no idea what to expect. What does a healer even do? Was she like John Edward (by the way, love that guy) and was my dad going to come through? I got there early and waited in the car. I just wanted to drive back home (c’mon what was I doing?). I was already tearing up for no reason what so ever, and my anxiety was running wild. I said silently “dad, please, i really need you right now.” And in that moment a song came on the radio which is very much ‘dad and my song’. I deeply felt it was his way of saying “sall good, you’ll be OK”.  Then the fire alarm of the building I was parked at went off, and I again wanted to drive back home (I’ve always been scared of house fires – always prepared as a young child what I would take with me… diaries and my dog (don’t judge). I even made sure I knew how to climb down from the second floor if I had to – what do you mean not every 7 year old worry about these things?)

Queen Anne's Lace - photo by Casey Collings

The clock hit 8 AM and it was time for my appointment. It felt like I had to walk through quicksand to get to where her studio was. Something inside me told me I needed to do this (I’ve always been very intuitive and I wasn’t going to turn on myself today). I greeted her and we went into her room. One of the first things she said to me was “did you hear that fire alarm? You escaped from a fire in a past life but you don’t need to be afraid anymore.” Ummmm. Okey. How the heck did she know I was so scared of house fires? The session continued and while some of it is a blur other things are still very clear. She mentioned that I was taking on so many other people’s emotions and energies without knowing how to clean myself off. My senses were running on overload causing headaches (one of the reasons). Did I even know what I was feeling was mine or someone else’s? Huh? So much else was said and I left feeling much more like myself. I felt cleaner. I felt more stable and in control. I felt grounded and more connected to the Universe. It was like I had stepped onto the road I knew I had to walk in life.

Before I left Cherie gave me a poster for an upcoming workshop. She said she’d thought I would be very good at it and it would help me learn more about “all this psychic stuff”  and how to process the energies better. The class was Psychic Awareness and Opening Workshop with Colette Chase for $390 (same class I’ve been sponsoring twice this past 6 months in my own home). It was a lot of money for me back then, but it seemed like a good deal for a full weekend. It sure would be better than reading my “how psychic are you?” book for the eleventh time.

I’ve always drawn to stuff like this. Growing up I had deja vu all the time, I believed in past lives, could feel energies and know if a building felt off etc. and if I expressed it in my family it was received as anything else I was saying (luckily for me). But while seeing and feeling things in my family was normal, I didn’t necessarily have a protocol for what I was doing. When you learn a language you have to know grammar and spelling and how to structure a sentence. It’s the same with healing and being psychic. You have to know what you’re doing, and Colette and Cherie created a safe environment for me to hone my discernment skills.

The workshop intrigued me because I could learn more about energies, and at the same time while learning how to do things properly I would could ideally improve my health since I was overwhelming my senses. Before meeting Cherie not only did I have migraines pretty much every day, but I was also exhausted all the time. I didn’t have the energy to do much else but to lay in bed watching old mini-series (North and South anyone?). I hadn’t picked up a paint brush in years. I had so many goals in my life and it felt like they were just passing my by. Here was this workshop that maybe could get me back on track. I just had to do it. What did I have to lose? I could leave any time. I already felt much better after seeing Cherie and I really wanted more.

The first day of the workshop came and my anxiety was running high again. I was excited but I was also freaking out. I felt extremely vulnerable. Again, I just felt I needed to do it.  I learned so much that weekend. Everything made so much sense to me and I learned and healed so much. In a way it felt like coming home for me.

Butterfly - photo by Casey Collings

Six months after seeing Cherie and after participated in the workshop I started I was painting up a storm. Little did I know I would have my art all over the world in just a few years. Little did I know that after a few years, I wouldn’t have migraines (I still get bad headaches when the barometric pressure changes from time to time but that’s pretty much it).

Fast forward several years and I’ve taken many more workshops. Too many to remember actually. I’ve assisted in healing many people, and last year I took the full Intra-Dimensional Web Working course and became a certified healer. I just wanted to become an even better psychic for ME and for my art. I wanted to add more light into my paintings and boost the studio even more. I wanted to heal people through my art – i wanted to make people feel good. That is happening now and I look forward to continuing to spread good mojo through my art.

It is clear to me what the next step in my life is: to empower others towards leading a happier and more fulfilling life. It is my honor to assist people in releasing of patterns and blocks that no longer serve them. This is in my highest good. I am a part of healing the world and this is one more way for me to do that.

I will continue my art and will now also offer one-on-one healing sessions. I will continue to offer painting classes, individual and group sessions, do Cocktails & Canvases and art shows (in home and elsewhere) and accept commissions and sell art. My studio will continue to grow and expand as my life grows and expands. I’m always up for an adventure and to walk the path I so came here to walk.

So that is part of my story. Now I invite you to shift into a more powerful you. It will be an honor to assist you!

(photos by Casey Collings)