Ok seriously, this painting feels like it will never be done. I already felt it after the first layer… “this one is going to take a while”… Have you ever felt like that? ugh. You almost want to give up because you don’t have an end in sight? Well, that’s how I feel. I THINK i’m getting closer though.

When I started, I had in mind this very airy, light and romantic sunset-ish skyline and have now managed to turn it into a dark and heavy looking piece, which is probably part of the problem. Is it working? I think it does, it’s just not what I had in mind… It just kinda happened. So now i’m not sure what the finished piece is suppose to look like. I’ve done 9 layers and i’m starting to lose my patience.. I need an end in sight!

Do I finish every painting? No, I actually tossed one the other week, but this one is different.. I can feel the story behind it, I just don’t know how or where the story will end, but it’s there and it speaks to me so I’ll continue…

Whatcha think? I think it’s getting there. Would love to hear your comments about which layer you like the most or any encouraging words at all! 🙂