Even at an early age, I knew I never wanted to have children. It was never a question in my mind. Just wasn’t my thing. I knew I wanted to follow my drive of building a career, owning my business and creating/evolving as a human. I married a man who was of similar mindset and we looked forward to growing old together – exploring the world and collecting adventures – just the two of us.

It’s a good thing you are allowed to change your mind.

A couple of years ago, we kinda just slowly changed our minds. I am the first one to sign up when a new calling comes into your life, to rise up and evolve you further at the right time in your life. This wasn’t one of our more crazy, sudden ideas like “let’s move to San Francisco” – like we honestly almost did a couple of years ago. This was slow burning… a nagging thought that started with Casey saying “do you realize we’ll be celebrating big holidays alone when we’re 80?”…

After 13 years together, we are thrilled for a new chapter and to add a new blessing in our lives – a baby boy in July.


One of our announcement photos we shared with friends and family all over the world. Here’s another one.

Here’s to motherhood, and here’s to another challenge that will make me grow! Adding it to a long list of titles that makes me proud.

Photos by Casey Collings.