I have received a lot of feedback on my photography, which is wonderful! I just ordered a new camera lens that I will be trying out on our next trip to NYC next weekend. Casey will bring all his gear as well, so there should be a lot of photos from us both soon (check out his latest photoshoot at www.collingsphoto.com/blog). It should be a great trip with great friends, food and drinks!

I finished another painting last weekend. I wanted to have some fun with some gold colors and decided to do a close up and to avoid too many details. It’s meant to blend in with the white background and, when viewed from the side, the gold color shimmers which makes the painting pop. Pretty cool (view a larger version of the painting).

Now, it’s back to the details (I can never stay away too long)! I’m currently working on a blue/gray leaf and the colors and the structure of the leaf comes off very calming. I hope to share it with you soon.