I finally have a great photo of Pure Sunlight, thanks to the Mr. He also took new photos of all the newly framed paintings that are now showing at the Veranda Fine Arts and Gift Gallery in New Jersey, and some others that I’ve been struggling to get just right.

I really like how the wood frame brought out the beach feel in Single Tulip. Really really love this painting.

White Twist was previously framed in a black floater, but I always thought it was too harsh. Do you remember what it looks like without a frame?

This Red Reverse Closed Tulip doesn’t have a new frame but I’ve never managed to get the right red/magenta combo for this background color. It always came out primary red for some odd reason. I’m so glad Casey has some hard core photography skills and I’m finally starting to ask for help. ๐Ÿ™‚  You may remember that the Green Calla Lilies and the Yellow Hello Daisy are also showing at the gallery but those didn’t need new photos. 

What did need a new photo though was the Tulip Landscape with its new frame! Doesn’t it look sooo nice in this wood frame floater?? LOVE it!! 

Casey also re-shot The Pearl for similar reasons as to the Red Reverse Closed Tulip. Just never managed to get either the magenta or the gold exactly right. I’m so releaved that they look like they do in real life here online because it’s very frustrating when I paint one thing and the photo shows another! As long as your display is somewhat calibrated right, this should look accurate ๐Ÿ™‚

Really hope you like these new photos that shows off these pieces absolutely beautifully. Hope you get to see a few of them up close and personal one day.