And here are the limited editions again. You’ve seen them before (here) but I wanted to share these new photos Casey recently took.

So what’s the difference between an original and a limited edition? An orignal painting is a unique painting that I’ve done. There’s actual paint on the canvas, while a print is a reproduction of a painting. More closly in exclusivity is a limited edition print which is only done in a certain amount. My limited editions are done in 100 and each print is numbered, and for example “7/100” means that you own the 7th print of the edition. Does that help?

The actual print size measures 16×16 inches and is available for sale in my online shop for $195. They are printed with archival ink on high quality, acid free, alpha cellulose lignin free textured fine art paper made with traditional cold press method providing strength and durability. That means, top quality people! Only the best for you. Each print is numbered, titled and signed at the bottom of the print with room left for matting.

The framed prints measures 25×25 inches and are reserved for pick up only. Again, the matting, glass and frame are all top quality archival stuff that will last longer than many generations. If you are interested in a framed piece, please contact me.

What do you think?