Unwavering Tulips - Magenta and Yellow, limited editions by Erica Eriksdotter

New stuff has been added to the shop and I’m thrilled to share these darling limited editions with you! And please ignore the horrible reflections – yikes!  It’s so hard photographing prints behind a glass but I hope you get the idea…

The Unwavering Tulip – Yellow and Unwavering Tulip – Magenta were introduced at the 2 Generations art show and I picked them up at the framer last week to get them photographed and added to the shop. They definitely work hanging solo or together depending what you prefer, just like Yellow June and Red June and Mr. Purple and Mr. Green does.

Unwavering Tulips - original paintings by Erica Eriksdotter

The original Unwavering Tulips were created as a custom order last summer and I just love how they turned out.

Unwavering Tulip - Magenta, limited edition by Erica Eriksdotter

The green background has a little bit more yellow in it than what it appears here but like with any painting, the colors and their brightness depends on the light.

Unwavering Tulip - Yellow, limited edition by Erica Eriksdotter

The quality of the limited editions are top notch – professionally photographed, printed on acid free paper with archival inks… and if you buy them already framed (professionally), the matting used is recommended by the Smithsonian Foundation for Art Conservation and the glass is the highest level of UV protection against fading.

I wish you could see these in person – they are just so beautiful. Oh well – next art show!

You can view all the limited editions available in the shop.