LiveLikeYou Prints - rendering and design by Jill Sorensen and watercoloring by Erica Eriksdotter - 25% OFF

We’re kicking off 2014 with a fun and inspiration sale. I love these fun interior design renderings, such happy and intriguing interior designs. Framed in the above photo is the Recessionista Living Room and the Aloha Chic Entry (interested in purchasing these 2 framed prints? Click here.)

The original paintings were a collaboration with Jill Sorensen which started several years ago when a friend of mine was reading Jill’s blog and her need for original artists. My friend emailed Jill and suggested me. Turns out Jill is also Swedish and only lived (at the time) 10 minutes from my house. We quickly became friends.

Jill Sorensen working on the Recessionista LiveLikeYou renderings

Erica Eriksdotter putting the finishing touches on LiveLikeYou recessionista living room rendering

Here we are putting the finishing touches on all the Recessionista rooms (here’s me working on the Aloha Chic entry way).

Jill’s interior design shop featured several of my original paintings, and we collaborated on her renderings together which featured each room of a particular interior design personality, i.e. Glamour Girl which showed suggested designed rooms for inspiration. Jill did all the designing and drawings. Then I came in and filled in all the products in the rendering with water colors, matching it perfectly to product samples and color swatches. A tedious job to say the least since water colors are very unforgiving if you make a mistake.

LiveLikeYou Happy Home personality - with watercolor by Erica Eriksdotter

A glimpse into how each painting was featured and tied in all the products for that particular room on her site. Looking back, I’m very happy with the results. and Jill has been featured everywhere, and several publications included our renderings like TradHome and Benjamine Moore’s Nuance magazine.

Customer photo of framed Mamma Mia prints

Who doesn’t love getting feedback from their customers? It’s how I measure my work and I treasure it so much. I received this photo from a customer in Sweden who hung two prints in her summer cottage. So lovely. Another customer wrote me “the prints are beautiful, and the Mamma Mia print has so much character, the photo of it on the site doesn’t quote do it justice.” And I agree. It’s difficult to capture the magic and quirkiness of these on photo.

On that note, I hope you get a print or several for your home. They are just darling! I’ll be sharing my favorites over the next few days.