I just can’t help myself! Everytime I browse my favorite blogs I see spaces that just would be perfect for an art studio… How about this gorgeous porch from Material Girls! I wouldn’t move! Look at all those windows, trees in the backyard and all that natural light. 

My friend over at LiveLikeYou did a post on her summer house in Sweden a few months ago. It’s so classic Swedish country life! I would turn this room into my art studio in a heart beat. Look at that view!

And then we have this beautiful office space decorated by the talented team over at Massucco Warner Miller. Wow. Look at all that space. I’d happily share this space as my office/art studio. I mean, I got to update you all via the blog or facebook in between brush strokes, right?

It’s all so beautiful. Coming up, get a glimpse into what my studio looks like!