As you already know, Casey and I were busy prepping ahead of the Open Studio Event (don’t forget to let me know if you’d like to stop by!) before I went into surgery this past Thursday (doing well, slowly but surely!) and here are some more photos from when I was busy getting these done.


I can’t wait for folks to see these in person on Dec. 1. They are spectacular! Love offering that little extra in form of limited editions. Luckily, Miss Lola planted her butt on the scrap pile so this is not a finished piece. whew. She knows exactly how to get my attention for sure, my little adorable helper.


I’m very picky with my prints and want them to look exactly like the original if I can help it, which can be a tedious process. Some artists don’t mind if they end product looks different, and I guess if the customer doesn’t either then there’s no problem. I just would feel like I had failed if they didn’t look the same. No matter how good they look. Wouldn’t you?


So all in all, we’ve produced 8 new different limited edition giclees that I’ve taken to my framer to professionally frame. I’m so excited to see them finished! They’ll look amazing! Unframed limited editions will also be available, so I guess it’s first come first serve so to speak at the Event. 🙂

Oh, yes, you may remember that I already have limited edition prints. You can see them here, here and here. Those are printed on canvas and are framed gallery wrapped pieces. The new ones are printed on high quality, acid free textured fine art paper.