I have a pretty strict art director. She came knocking on the door two summers ago and started managing my art career and took up residency pretty much immediately. Her name is Lola and I’d like for you to meet her (actually, she’s been pushing me to do this blog post all year).

There are many responsibilities to being an art director – besides managing my art career. Miss Lola also critiques my art. She does it up close or from far away throughout the process and once the painting is finished. I’m sure she has a method to it but it’s beyond me and I haven’t dared to ask.

She also checks my painting gear and makes sure my easel is stable (by brushing up against it) and my brushes are of highest quality (by biting on them to test them). She reminds me to change the water frequently, which is very important when you paint (she does this by trying to drink from it!).

She can also be very nice to me and can be very generous with breaks, especially when she feels I need one (or maybe this was a reminder to write a blog post?).

Her responsibilities don’t only fall on the art but also on the inventory. Lola makes sure the lighting and the white balance are perfect when I take photos of my note cards and paintings.

What would I do without her if she didn’t make sure the note cards are lined up right and placed to highlight the best qualities? It’s a good thing I have her.

I like my boss’s company, at least most of the time, like during the time when I had the need to paint in the middle of the night. It’s nice to have some company when everything else is quiet. I just didn’t appreciate when she decided to help and walked in the paint and then all over my canvases! That was unfortunate.

As many of you know, my husband is a really good photographer and does all the promo shoots for Studio Eriksdotter and Lola has taken upon herself to keep an eye on him as well. I guess with two creative people in the family, it’s important someone is sane! Reluctantly, she joins me on some of the photos – just so Casey can test the lighting of course! Everything is about work with Lola.

photo credit: Casey Collings

photo credit: Casey Collings

During her off days (when she doesn’t have to boss me around), she sometimes models for Casey – on her terms of course, and never early in the morning! Here are some of their recent modeling shoots.

Lola and the treev2

photo credit: Casey Collings

photo credit: Casey Collings

photo credit: Casey Collings

So now you’ve met my art director, Miss Lola! If you have any questions for her, I’ll be happy to pass them along.