It’s not often I fall madly in love with my own art. Like, sure I like all my art but this piece has me wrapped around its finger. I don’t think I could sell a piece if I wasn’t proud of it, but liking it so much I decided to keep it to myself? Nah, that doesn’t happen often.

So what makes this piece special to me? I know it sounds crazy but to me, this is my self portrait in a way. I painted my Higher Self. It’s a force that’s bigger and larger and connected to all the energy in the universe. I’m getting all spiritual here but that’s what it represents to me which is why I can’t part with it. I am him, he is me. He hangs in my healing room most of the time but recently I moved it into the living room ahead of a workshop and it’s stayed there. People who have seen him in person reflects on the radiance he exudes.

Above is a photo from when I finished it back in March and the colors are more accurate than in the first photo. Below represents one of my favorite ways to paint – while watching Swedish TV, in this case skiing.

My kind of day! Catching up on Nordic Skiing World Championships while painting AND teaching session today. 💕

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It’s hard to capture his full essence with an iphone… What do you think of this lion? What do you see when you view it?