Welcome to the world Blake! I’m so delighted to introduce to you Blake Larsson Elliot who was born this past Saturday. That makes it the fifth time I’m an aunt and I couldn’t be more proud of my sister’s children. 

What made Blake’s birth even more special was that he was born on my parents wedding anniversary. You may recall that my father passed away in 2001, which was two months short of meeting his first grandchild, and though it was 11 year ago, we still celebrate their anniversary by giving my mother flowers and a nice card from us three “girls”.  It’s always been nice to continue that celebration as they were so happy together and in love with eachother. To have Blake arrive on this day was special, and one of the many ways that my father shows that he is still with us. Naming Blake “Larsson” was a beautiful way for me sister and her husband to honor him, which was my and my sister’s last name growing up (we switched to Eriksdotter in 1990, which means “Erik’s Daughter” – another great way to honor dad though he was very much alive at that time). It was a very moving moment for all of us. 

Welcome to the family Blake!