A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new easel and I’m so happy with it. It’s made out of metal and can hold larger canvases. Now I don’t have to finish some by hanging them on a wall and standing on a sofa! This metal easel is also sturdier, so if (when) I bump into it while pushing myself around on my chair (yes, I’m lazy and usually paint sitting down) there’s no risk of the canvas falling down.

“Large Rustic Sunflower” in progress and a finished “French Kitchen No.2”

Here’s the painting I’m currently working on. It’s a commissioned two piece sunflower. The easel can handle both canvases (total 48×48 inches), but I’m still early in the process so working on them one at a time is fine for me. You can also see an already finished commissioned piece in the background, “French Kitchen No.2.” It’s getting packed up and shipped to Richmond today! Official photos are coming in a couple of days.