Casey took some professional photos of me recently. Good promo photos are always good to have laying around. Sometimes applications and blogs/magazines asks for photos of me and my art so I figured it was time to take some new ones.  

Lola always wants to be apart of things and at the end of the session, she wouldn’t take no for an answer anymore and jumped up in my lap. Turns out the photos with her are some of my favorites and one of them is now on the contact page.

You may also have seen this photo from yesterday’s post as well.

{Lola and I in the studio} 

She’s is such a darling and she often helps me in the studio. Rasmus is often visiting as well (see here and here) but mostly it is to cause trouble or steal something. Yesterday he dragged my sweather that I had just dropped on the floor out of the studio and half way down the stairs. Crazy guy.