This past weekend I made high quality reproductions of some older acrylics which originals are not available for sale. These are the only ones I can’t part with … I just love them so I’m offering them exclusively as prints. Not a bad deal for people how love them as well.

{10×8 prints from the originals “Beach Path” and “Beach Sand” from 2002}

{8×10 fine art print of the original “Spanish House” from 2002}

The original paintings were done during my college years on canvas paper almost the same size as the prints. If you want to see the originals, see here, here and here. If you want a closer look at the prints head on over to the prints section.

Man, the top two always makes me want to head to the beach! Oh, to be on the beach again, just enjoying the sounds of the waves coming in. Wouldn’t those prints be perfect for a bathroom or powderroom? Definitely got that beach-state-of-mind you want now that Spring just is teasing us and won’t fully show up. Not fair.