Cold weather, warm weather, rain, snow storm, sunny spring weather, back to winter… That’s how it goes in DC during the winter months.

We’ve been spared by most of the big snow storms this winter that’s hit the east coast, but a couple of weeks ago our backyard was covered when we got six inches of snow (16 cm) and trees were down everywhere. Traffic was stopped everywhere as snow started during rush hour… a 15 minute drive home turned into a 7 hour ordeal for many. It was horrible. My friend named it “car-maggedon.”


Then this past weekend, we enjoyed temperatures in the 70s F/20s C and spring really felt just around the corner. It’s “normal” with this un-normal weather for DC… the pendulum swings far and wide. Even my daffodils were fooled it was time to come out…

I don’t blame them. My daffodils usually stretch their feet in December already so I’m glad they waited this long this year. It broke my heart the first time I saw them come up early as I thought they would for sure die, but nope, not these guys.

Now we’re back to snow again as we got a couple of inches over night.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!