{wedding photo by Shelley Chamberlin}

I’m so excited to finally share this painting with you. I say finally because it was ordered by a husband back in February! Jordan wanted to surprise his wife with an original painting of her bridal bouquet for their five year wedding anniversary.

What a treat it was to paint this piece. Loved all the different flowers and the bright and bold colors. They were married on the beach, and their wedding color was as close to tiffany blue as you can get. To perfectly match it for the background color, it took four different paint colors! Depending on how the lights hits it, it will look a little darker or softer and lighter, which only makes it feel alive. I just love how it all came together. What a splash of color this painting is! A true caribbean candy.

{words from their wedding vows are written on the side of the painting}

When the painting was ordered, I had mentioned the idea of including a few words of their vows on the side of the painting. It turns out the wife herself had written them! I guess I couldn’t have planned it better! I fell in love with the words “the delight of a growing love” which comes from the sentence: “May they know the joy of a shared understanding, the delight of a growing love, and the warmth of an everlasting friendship.”

{Amanda’s bridal bouquet is an acrylic painting on a gallery wrapped canvas.
It measures 18 inches x 18 inches and is 1.5 inches deep (46cm x 46cm x 3.8cm)}

The husband was thrilled with the result and after a few days I received a long email from his wife. Here’s just a little portion of what she wrote:

“I cannot thank you enough, I love it more than words can say. This beautiful painting transports me back to my wedding day, when I held those fragrant flowers in my hand before walking down the aisle. More than a simple photo ever could, this painting will forever capture that precious moment for me. In your painting, I swear the bouquet is even more beautiful than I remember.”

YAY! I love the feeling of knowing the customer is so very happy with the painting. It makes me feel so grateful that I am able to share this gift with others this way. My studio is a little less colorful since I said goodbye to it and I find that I miss it. It was great company. 🙂

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


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