Austin's Pet Portrait - original painting, front closeup

We can’t tell you how delighted we are with the portrait of Austin. You really captured him perfectly. We will forever treasure it. He will hang on the wall with the rest of the family. Thank you so very much!

Austin’s Portrait is an original acrylic painting commissioned by a couple in Pennsylvania who has followed my art for some time now and own several of my fine art prints. Their lovely family dog was growing older and they wanted a portrait to enjoy while he was still with them and a keepsake when he no longer was. Sadly, Austin passed away a couple of months after the portrait was finished and the couple shared with me it has brought them some peace to have his portrait hanging on the wall next to photos of their children and grandchildren.

Austin's Pet Portrait - original painting, right

For background color, I suggested a soothing green color to symbolize his love for the backyard that my client had shared with me. I really wanted to pick a color that complimented Austin’s fur colors and let his fur really shine. The gradient green spreads onto all sides of the painting.

You can see more photos of Austin in his gallery, and if you are interested in having your pet painted or giving one as a gift, see the pet gallery. I welcome questions so please feel free to contact me.

What background color would you pick for your pet?