Suffering from the Monday blues? I’m hoping this guy will perk up your senses so you can work like a bee so Friday will be here in no-time! 🙂

{original painting by Erica Eriksdotter}

Bee Daisy” is an original acrylic painting on stretched canvas. It measures 16 inches x 40 inches (41cm x 1.2m) and is 1.5 inches deep (3.8cm). These photos may give you a better idea of the size…

{my soft gray green lounger which seats like a loveseat, and my face next to “Sunny Daisy” which is the same size
as “Bee Daisy”.. not my face, the painting.}

The painting looks tiny when it hangs over the lounger (or maybe I’m just used to my larger paintings?) but it’s quite a large painting and fits really nicely into a normal sized room. It’s always nice to see a person next to an art work to get the sizing… hence why I included myself in the above collage.

The background is a very dark green and all four sides of the painting is painted with an even darker green, which looks almost dark gray. Check the gallery for images where the sides show if you’re interested.

Don’t forget to check back later to see the fine art print! 🙂