Boomer's Portrait, original acrylic by Erica Eriksdotter

This piece is a remarkable likeness of our beloved Boomer. The painting truly reflects his playful nature while capturing his serious side as the ruling ‘Alpha’ dog of the family. – J.G. of Virginia

Boomer’s Portrait is the second portrait of three commissioned by a client in Virginia. You can check out the first painting of Lexie here (a lovely birthday gift to his wife).  When looking at photos of all the dogs, I felt it would be nice to create a common thread among the portraits and the green backgrounds serves this purpose.

Boomer's Portrait, original acrylic by Erica Eriksdotter, right

Boomer is a mix of Lhasa Apso and Bichon Frise and according to my client he’s the “perfect dog, not too big but sturdy enough to be a fun companion.” He even takes him on 4-5 mile runs which he completes effortlessly. He’s an alpha dog and even has the German Sheperd convinced he is in charge. And can’t you see that on his expression? He’s so in charge. I wonder what Lexie thinks of that…

Boomer's Portrait, original acrylic by Erica Eriksdotter, with chair

The painting measures 12 x 12 inches and is painted on a 1.5 inch (4 cm) deep gallery wrapped canvas. All sides are painted with the background color, which is the same blend as Lexie’s Portrait.

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