{Diana’s Bridal Bouquet – original acrylic on 18×18 inches gallery wrapped canvas}

“The bridal bouquet Erica painted for me is stunning. Bouquets are one the one thing from weddings that are so easily lost and this painting not only preserves the memory, but showcases the true beauty and elegance it represented on my wedding day. I can’t thank Erica enough for the time and effort she invested in this painting. She is an extremely talented artist, and a caring and thoughtful person.” – D.M. of Virginia.

{love this background color. It’s a blend of purple, violet and white, with an overlay of unbleached titanium brushstrokes}

“Diana’s Bridal Bouquet” was commissioned by a newlywed. After seeing several of my bouquets come to life online, she knew this was how she wanted to preserve her bouquet. Her one request was to have it in a whimsical style, the rest she left in my artistic hands and she wanted to be totally surprised with how it looked when it was finished. She loved it. I chose the purple background color to play off of the lavender brushstrokes in the freesia flowers, and for the white roses to really stand out. This was a soft and lovely bouquet and it needed a bolder background color to play off of the client’s personality. 

I loved working on this piece. And I know I say that almost every time, but it’s so true. I love that I get to paint something new and go from flowers to pets to larger flowers, and repeat. The challenge with this pieces (every piece has its different challenges) was doing whimsicle flowers while working off of very detailed and high resolution photos. My fingers were itching to paint the details and I almost had to tell myself “no, whimsicle roses, not detailed.” I enjoy both styles. I like painting whimsicle roses and have done a few paintings before in this style (here and here are a couple of examples), but I guess it was a little challenging since I just worked on a very detailed bouquet.

If you are thinking about giving yourself or someone else this special gift, check out the bridal bouquet section for more information. If you need a good hint to send to someone – this is a short video that explains everything under 2 minutes.