Elsa's Pet Portrait - original painting, front closeup

Oh, the painting is so wonderful! I’m so moved when I see how beautifully you have captured her. You are so talented. My husband loved his gift and we’re so happy to view it every day in our home. – M.D. of Gothenburg, Sweden

Elsa’s Portrait is an original painting commissioned by a woman in Sweden. She wanted to surprise her husband with something meaningful and thought of my pet portraits. She owns a couple of original pieces of mine and I was honored when she requested a portrait of their darling dog. Isn’t she just the sweetest?

Elsa's Pet Portrait - original painting, left

In some of the photos I worked off of, Elsa was sitting in front of a white background and I thought that neutral color worked really well with her character. I chose a light gray background to highlight her fur a little more, and I knew the client would enjoy the more classic Scandinavian color scheme, based on the previous paintings she owns, rather than anything bold.

When my Mom, whom have met Elsa, saw the portrait for the first time she said “oh wow, I’m tearing up. That really IS Elsa!” It’s always wonderful to see such response in person.

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