{Gillian’s Bridal Bouquet, an original painting by Erica Eriksdotter}

“The painting is amazing and makes a perfect first anniversary gift.  My wife was completely surprised to see her bouquet on canvas!  She loves the detail of the flowers and the vibrant background which make this piece truly unique.  Erica does phenomenal work and is a pleasure to work with.”
– Corey from Arlington, Virginia.

Corey emailed me back in May after hearing about my bridal bouquet paintings. He wanted my help in making a very special first anniversary gift for his wife. Just to make sure he was put on the waiting list and that I could make it happen, he emailed me six months in advance. Now that’s planning! 

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Corey sent me several high resolution photos of different angles of the bouquet. Though none were shot straight down on the bouquet I managed to figure out which flower went where. Based on the response, I think I did a fairly good job. It’s always tricky when you don’t have the exact photo but paintings are suppose to be an interpretation of an object so I try not to let the perfectionist in me get in my way of my creative process which is easier said than done.

According to her husband, purple is one of Gillian’s favorite colors. So much so it was actually the wedding color! The background color of the painting was matched to against the bridesmaid dresses. The actual color is a little bit more purple than what comes across in these photos. 

{An original painting makes it possible to enjoy your wedding bouquet in a very unique way}

Gillian’s bridal bouquet is an acrylic painting done on gallery wrapped canvas. It measures 16×16 inches and is 1.5 inches deep (41cm x 41cm x 3.8cm). The background color was created by mixing four different colors (bluish purple, redish purple, gray and white) and the painting has been treated with a matte varnish to help protect against UV light, smoke, dust etc. 

Do you know any newly weds who would love this gift? I’d love it if you would pass it along or share on facebook. Who doesn’t appreciate a suggestion for a unique gift that’s uber romantic?? You can find more information about bridal bouquet paintings here.