{Keri’s Bridal Bouquet, an original painting by Erica Eriksdotter}

I can finally share this original painting of white roses and yellow gerbera as my client has seen her painting and loves it! Yay. Man, this yellow color definitely helped me through February. It was like one of those sun lamps you can use to get extra vitamin D during the winter months. 🙂

As you may remember from my earlier post, Keri received a bridal bouquet commission as a wedding gift from some of her wedding guests. They wanted to get her something special and unique and thought of my work – how sweet! I’ve been working directly with Keri over the last few weeks to finalize her gift and you can see photos from earlier in the process here.

As for the background, she picked her wedding color, which I completely agreed on. I think this lovely light blue color fits perfectly with her bouquet and it really reminds you of the beach and most likely will take her back to her wedding day on Cape Cod.  Blues seems to be popular for backgrounds, see here, here, here and here.

{I’m in this photo simply to show you how large an 18×18 inches and 1.5 inches deep canvas really is. It’s a popular size. For inquiries on prices, please contact me.}

Keri was given a gift certificate for an 18×18 in painting. This is the more popular size and is a good average painting size for bridal bouquets. I think it fits nicely in a newlywed starter home. I currently offer these commissions in sizes 16×16 up to 30×30 for square paintings and 18×14 up to 40×30 inches for rectangular ones. Prices will depend on the size of your paintings, and there’s no need to be shy, just drop me a line to inquire what yours would be. 

{the darker lines closer to the bouquet creates a depth to the painting}

I try to make my backgrounds more interesting these days. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the one-color backgrounds but since I’m exploring a more interesting background for my other art, which seems to be working well (my favorite is still the background on The Pearl). For Keri’s painting, I wanted to create a little bit of a depth and did detailed lines closer to the outline of the flowers. You only see it up-close and once you are a few feet away it just becomes a barely-there darker shade. 

Hope you enjoy this piece! You can view more photos of this painting in the commission’s gallery