It’s stunning. I love it! Thank you so much – L. W. of New Zealand

I’ve totally forgotten to do a blog post about this original piece, and it’s been months since it was finished and arrived in the home of Lara in New Zealand. 

Lara reached out to me in the beginning of 2012 and she shared she was getting married (on Hawaii!) and had fallen in love with my bridal bouquet paintings. When I reached out to her shortly ahead of the wedding, she told me that it had been cancelled (I always admire people who dare to cancel their weddings. It’s a big deal and takes a lot of guts.) but fortunately for me as I was so excited to have an original piece in New Zealand she still wanted to painting!

Lara requested a flower painting, and preferably a white orchid as that’s her favorite flower. It happens to be mine as well (I have about 10 plants in the house and it seems to be the only plant I can keep alive as they are mostly ignored, poor things).

I worked off of a few photos I had recently taken of my sister’s huge orchid and got to work. She left the motive and the background color up to me – “anything you think would like good will be great.” The piece is a a closeup view of a blooming white orchid on a blend of dark and light tones of sand color white and burnt amber. 

I was aiming for a very serene look with this piece. I wanted to create a strong statement in the sense of a warm embrace instead of bold colors. I drew upon the Scandinavian “beauty in simplicity” and wanted this to be a calming piece for my client. 

Lara’s Orchid measures 18 x 24 inches and is painted on a 1.5 inches deep gallery wrapped canvas. The background spreads onto all sides. It arrived safely on the other side of the world in late December last year and she was thrilled: “It’s stunning. I love it! Thank you so much”

I personally love this piece, and I decided to offer it also as a limited edition and print. I have a love for orchids and the simplicity of this piece. I see a flower with effortless beauty. A proud orchid. 

Above is the framed limited edition of Lara’s Orchid, available in 100 editions only. The print measures 16 x21 inches and is printed on archival fine art paper. The print arrives unframed but the option of having it framed through my framer is available – pick up in studio only. The print is numbered, titled and signed at the bottom of the image with room left for matting. 

Hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do!