The “Large Lion Sun No.2” is finally done and has already been put up on the wall in its new home. Casey was kind enough to take these photos of it while I was busy at the House of Sweden this past Saturday.

This is an original acrylic on two gallery stretched canvases, each 24×48 inches and 1.5 inches deep (total 48×48 inches/121×121 cm, plus any space you have between the two canvases).

You may remember the first “Large Lion Sun,” which is has a lighter color scheme. To incorporate the colors in the client’s house, I added a more rustic feel to this one – using more brown and orange. All paintings are unique and with commissions, you can customize them to fit perfectly into your house.

And here’s the rustic look.

If you could pick a sunflower for your house, what would it look like?