{Mirja’s Bridal Bouquet, an original painting by Erica Eriksdotter}

This lovely and delightful bridal bouquet was ordered by a client from Sweden who as followed me for years. She always wanted her own “Eriksdotter” original and this summer she decided to get her bridal bouquet commissioned.

Mirja’s Bridal Bouquet measures 24×24 inches and is painted on a 1.5 in deep stretched canvas. Her flowers consisted of soft pale white roses and peonies with some grass straws. You may have seen this bouquet “pop” to life and now it’s finally finished. What a delicious piece of art to create.

It’s gorgeous! You are an amazing artist. Ordering the painting from Sweden was supereasy and though I’ve only seen it through the detailed photos you sent me, I’m in love! I look at the photos at least twice a day and I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can hang it on my wall and look at it all day long!
Många kramar från Sverige!
” – Mirja from Sweden

Mirja wanted the painting to hang in her livingroom so the pale yellow was chosen to highlight the flowers and to fit with her interior decor. If I didn’t have to consider any colors in her home, I would have also considered this purple/lavender mix (see below).

{Purple/lavender is another good background color for this painting
if you only had to consider the actual bouquet and no decor

Before I ship this painting to her home in Stockholm, Sweden, Mirja has kindly let me borrow it for this Sunday’s Bridal Showcase in Richmond, VA. It will be my first show of this kind and I really hope the brides will fall in love with this unique way of preserving their wedding flowers.

Can you believe this is what it looked like a few days ago?

{Roses are being brought to life during an early stage of Mirja’s painting}

And here is the real bouquet. You can view more photos of this painting here.

Do you have family or friends who would love this idea?