Mr Kitty Cat - original pet portrait by Erica Eriksdotter

“I think it is purrfect! Blown away! And I like your color choices…I NEVER would have thought of the green for Mr. Kitty Cat, but it is PERFECT…one, that is my favorite color…two, it is amazing with his dark features! Your art is really amazing.” – P.B. of Indiana.

My client has several rescue animals and she had me paint her adorable Frisky last Spring. She was so pleased with the result that she also ordered a portrait for her other kitty, Mr. Kitty Cat, and her 16 year old dog, Luke (who will be up on the blog in the coming weeks). Having a client return for more paintings is such a huge compliment and I feel so honored to paint her adorable pets.

Mr. Kitty Cat is a dark seal point siamese (and yes, he’s slightly cross eyed! too cute!) and the client wanted him to “pop” against the background – as much as Frisky does with his white fur against the aqua green background. She trusted my instincts and wanted to be surprised so I only sent a photo of the painting once it was finished.

Mr Kitty Cat - original pet portrait by Erica Eriksdotter

As with every painting, the background color often comes to me as I get to know the animal while painting him/her. I find that I connect with the animal and often a color will take shape in my mind. Maybe it’s the energy (or the aura) of the animal that I’m picking up or just my painting experience. I really can’t explain it other than I “feel” the color.  Of course, if the client has a preference or doesn’t like my choice (hasn’t happened yet!), I will absolutely respect that.

Mr. Kitty Cat‘s Portrait measures 10×10 inches and is on a 1.5 inches deep gallery wrapped canvas. The background color spreads onto all sides of the painting.