{Original painting of Nancy’s Bridal Bouquet. The client absolutely loved the painting and Nancy loved how personal and sentimental her 70th birthday gift was.}

I finished “Nancy’s Bridal Bouquet” a week ago but haven’t been able to share much about the progress or the finished painting until now as it was a gift. Nancy received this for her 70th birthday from my clients, her son and daughter-in-law. Isn’t that so lovely?

“We absolutely love it! It’s perfect! Nancy loved it! It brought tears to her eyes. She was blown away by its elegance and beauty! She loved that it was so personal and sentimental. She said she couldn’t believe we had done this for her. Thank you for creating such a magical experience for her 70th birthday!”

Though, Nancy and her husband were married several decades ago my client realized having her bridal bouquet painted would be such a meaningful gift for her birthday. I was sent several scanned photos and though they were not the high resolution digital versions I’m used to, it worked out really lovely.

My clients thought adding a scripture on the side would be the icing on the cake and picked some significant words that described Nancy – “Loving, Caring, Enduring. Happy 70th Birthday!. You may recall something similar on Amanda’s Bridal Bouquet where her husband choice to include a few words from their vows. This is a nice way when you want to add something even more personal.

I just love working on these bridal bouquets. I can’t say it enough. I agree with my client who said it’s such a magical experience. I’m honored to be the one helping to create these moments.