After receiving such warm comments about the yellow and gray color combinations in the latest painting, I just had to make another one! I had no idea yellow and gray were the “in” colors… see posts by Live.Like.You, Spark!, From the Right Bank and Matters of Style.

So here it is, “Petals in Gray Sky!” I did the wrapped feature again so you can see parts of the petals from left, right and below, but not from the top because that’s only gray. It measures 12×16 inches and is 1.5 inches deep.

“Petals in Gray Sky”

The gray comes across a little too dark in these photos. Maybe I didn’t have enough sunlight? It is the same gray color as in “Closed Tulip III” and I think it comes across in the photo with the chair, though then the yellows look a little less colorful.

You may recall a very similar painting I did a few months ago, named “Petals in Golden Sky.” Isn’t it amazing how different colors can evoke different emotions? Which one do you like the most?

“Petals in Golden Sky”

Have a wonderful day and check back later for a giveaway!


p.s. also up on Etsy!