{You can see me and this painting this Sat-Mon at the Kipona Artfest in Harrisburg Riverfront Park in Pennsylvania.}

My large hibiscus painting is finally done. It managed to survive an earthquake, hurricane and my horrible back and I’m so happy it did because I absolutely love it. What a statement piece. It’s so dynamic, so alive, and so very tropical! Like my aunt (-in-law) said, it’s “pure sunshine in a flower,” hence the name, and who doesn’t want that?

{“Pure Sunlight” is a 48×48 original acrylic painting of a yellow hibiscus}

Pure Sunshine is an original two-piece acrylic painting that is meant to hung 1-inch apart. However, it could also hang or be framed as one piece. It measures 48×48 inches plus the space between, and is painted on a gallery wrapped canvas (1.5 inches deep). Each canvas is 24×48 inches.

As I mentioned, it’s a close up of a bold yellow hibiscus with a red and pink center. The stigma goes from darker to lighter orange. The muddy, soft and warm tones of different tones of green (some more yellowish than others) balances out the bold primary colors in the flower. This artwork is ready to hang on the wall. It’s signed on the front, and signed, titled and dated on the back.

Pure Sunlight is actually really large and it’s difficult to capture the beauty and the size of this artwork. It’s the same size as Large Lion Sun and Large Lion Sun No. 2. To really show you, I figured I’d put myself next to it (I’m 5’5″ or 165 cm).

The color variations of the painting in these photos depends on the daylight or the lack thereof when we shot them. The painting will show differently throughout the day. I guess that’s one of the many things I love about art – it it changes its appearance throughout the day and therefore almost feels alive.

I’m bringing this artwork to the Kipona Artfest in Harrisburg, PA this Labor Day weekend. The show runs Saturday thru Monday and you can view the hours and directions etc. here. I’m booth #133! 🙂

You can view more photos of Pure Sunshine in the gallery and feel free to send me any questions you may have or leave a comment below. I always appreciate your feedback and inquiries.