{Sandra’s Bridal Bouquet – original painting, 20×20 inches.}

Ever since I first saw Erica’s wedding bouquets I secretly hoped that my husband would have her paint my bouquet one day. For our five year wedding anniversary this year he gave me a card letting me know that’s exactly what he had done. I was thrilled. When it was time to see the finished painting I was amazed, it was absolutely perfect and just as beautiful as my real bouquet one the day we got married.” – S.A. of Reston, Virginia.

This painting was commissioned by a client who surprised his wife with a gift certificate for a bridal bouquet on their five year wedding anniversary earlier this year. His wife was over the moon with excitement and anticipation. 

I worked off of a few photos to create this piece and decided to make the dark calla lilies softer and less contrasts between the deep and dark colors with the highlights of rich purple, red and white. This is such a peaceful and elegant bouquet I wanted it to speak for itself. 

They were both very open to whatever background color I found worked best to highlight the flowers, but had mentioned gray and green as a couple of options. I started with a lighter gray and green color which didn’t do it for me so I took a chance and went even darker.  This particular dark gray color is blended with a moss green color as well that only can be seen in certain angles and very subtle. 

I love painting calla lilies and was so looking forward to doing this piece. I’ve painted callas before (see here, here, here, here and here) but not a full bouquet of only calla lillies. What a treat! I find this bouquet to almost tell a story with it’s deep layers, high peaks and round curves. I found myself viewing it many times in the studio after it was finished. 

Sandra’s Bridal Bouquet measures 20×20 inches and is painted on a 1.5 inches deep gallery wrapped canvas. The background color spreads onto all sides. 

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