In between finishing the stairs in our house and starting the project of refinishing our dining table, I finally found time to complete the “never-ending painting!” As you could read earlier on the blog, I was having some trouble getting a clear vision of where this piece was heading (see all layers). Now, it’s finally done and I’m very pleased with it even if it looks very different from what I first had intended. The painting is called “Skyline II,” as it features the same row of houses as the first “Skyline” does.

“Skyline II” by Erica Eriksdotter

I think the simplicity of the houses balances out the detailed and colorful night sky. Maybe night has just fallen or a storm is rolling in, either way, you can feel the stories behind this painting… Can you see the teenage boy lurking with his bike behind a corner or the young couple gazing at the sky on a nearby field? I can see them in my mind. They are all there in this painting and I enjoyed visiting for awhile.

Skyline II” stretches 16×20 inches and is 1.5 inches deep. It has a wrapped painting feature so the houses and the sky continues on all sides. I’ll take some more photos so I can create a collage for this one. I’m missed taking up close photos of the details as I was hurrying to capture as much light as possible before a thunderstorm. So stay tuned!

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Have a lovely day!