Ahhh, what a nice treat to share this latest painting with you. And on a Monday of all days! I can’t help but get a smile across my face when I look at “Sunny Daisy.” I’m not sure if it’s the yellow color or if it’s the perception (can’t you imagine yourself having bent down to smell the flower?).

Stretching 16 inches tall and 40 inches wide – technically this painting could also hang vertically – I can see it hanging over a sofa or a dresser, well I guess even in the hall or the entry. Where can you picture it hanging?

The wrapped painting feature creates an art piece from any angle and I have lots of photos in the gallery to show you. Click on the collage and it takes you there. Don’t forget to tilt your head if you want to see it vertically, ha!

“Sunny Daisy” by Erica Eriksdotter