{Taryn’s Bridal Bouquet – original painting by Erica Eriksdotter}

You know you are doing what you were sent on this earth to do when the client tears up after seeing her commissioned piece in person for the first time. It’s an indescribable and unreal feeling to know you have created a piece that will forever be so very treasured. It’s humbling and very rewarding.

That’s what happened a week ago when I delivered this bridal bouquet painting in person to a wonderful Mother who had ordered a bridal bouquet painting for her daughter as a Christmas gift. When she saw the final version, she loved it so much she decided she couldn’t wait until December and gave it to her daughter four months early!

{This painting is 20 x 20 x 1.5 inches, and the background is a light terra-cotta}

The Mother and her daughter visited my booth at the Occuquan Spring Festival earlier this summer. They read the poster about my bridal bouquets and just loved the idea. We talked for a few minutes before they headed off. Unbeknownst to the daughter, her Mother ordered one for her as a gift a few days later.

It’s so fun to be sneaky sometimes. Taryn (the daughter) was actually emailing me separately about getting an order in for herself at the same time as her mother was emailing it as a gift! It all worked out though and Taryn’s Mother finalized the gift when Taryn was off on her vacation shortly after emailing me. That’s also the time when Taryn’s Mother could sneak in to her daughter’s house and make photo copies from the wedding album.

{this is one of three photos from Taryn’s wedding album her Mother managed to copy for me}

Taryn’s Bridal Bouquet painting is 20×20 inches on a 1.5 inches gallery wrapped canvas. The background color is a lighter terra-cotta background color to compliment the bouquet and Taryn’s decor. The color also paid homage to Italy (the land of terra-cotta) where the daughter and her husband were vacationing as I was painting the piece.

Taryn’s Mother sent me this lovely note after giving the painting to her daughter: “Erica, I’m thrilled with the painting!! I gave it to Taryn tonight and she loved it! It’s hanging in her livingroom. Not only is this a wonderful way to preserve the bridal bouquet, it’s also a great work of art to display in your home. Thank you again for an amazing gift!” – Lynne from Springfield, Virginia.

I love making these! If you would like to know how to order one or put your name on the waiting list, please visit the bridal bouquet section.