{Tulip Landscape – original painting by Erica Eriksdotter, 24×48 inches}

Spring is in the air! At least in this pastel painting of budding tulips I recently finished. The tulips remind me of candy and Easter eggs, but mostly it makes me of when you finally feel those warm rays of sun on your cheeks after a long and cold winter.

You’ve seen a few glimpses of this painting along the way here and here. I’ve worked on it for a few weeks and took a break from it to spend a week in Colorado. Coming back to it was so amazing. I had already done the majority of the work and working with these amazingly happy colors was so rewarding. The soft blue sky and the yellow/green stems soothes me while the other colors lift me up. Lola enjoyed it as well since she could command my lap and full attention after a week away. She makes a cameo in the time-lapse video that I’ll share a little later.

{24 x 48 inches – almost the same width as a queen size bed.
What are you waiting for? It can hang over your bed or living room sofa tonight!}

I love recharging my batteries by laying on a blanket on the grass and just gaze up at the sky. With this piece (and the smaller one before it) I imaginede what it would be to lay on one of those tulip fields in Holland in Spring time and experience the color burst in person. Or if you have lots of tulips planted in the yard that you can look through while seeing some distant airplane flying up high above or following where a bird is flying.  It’s the time to reconnect with the Earth and just relax, and forget about the yard work that you never got to… Let these colorful buds take you away.

Can you tell how wide this painting really is? It looks small to me in this photo but it would fit perfectly over a queen or a king size bed, and it would look marvelous over a living room sofa. You may find it interesting to know that Large Pink + Gray, Large Lion Sun No. 2 and Large Purple Fringed Tulip all have the same width in common. Actually, this painting is the exact size as one of the panels in the Large Lion Sun No. 2 (can you tell it’s two panels forming the sunflower?).

Three major statement pieces with the same width as Tulip Landscape.

I’m dropping off this piece at Farm Girl Framing who does all my framing when it’s an non-standard size. She’s framed the Pure Sunshine, Large Purple Fringed Tulip and the Yellow Hello Daisy for me in the past. I think I’m going for a more natural look with this piece instead of a black frame. What do you think?