Mid-week! I’ve been roughing it with a cold the last 1,5 weeks but managed to finish the “Turquoise Reverse Closed Tulip” painting this past weekend at the same time as the “Yellow Reverse Closed Tulip.” Who knew I could do more than one painting at the same time? There’s a first for everything.

This is the latest tulip, and the last one for a while. I need to make a couple of other paintings before the art festival in Pittsburgh at the end of August. Are you coming!?

“Turquoise Reverse Closed Tulip” – original painting by Erica Eriksdotter

It’s TULIP LAND! And here they are all together – with their colorful backgrounds. What a gang! I bet they can get pretty rowdy at times.

And here’s the tulips with gray background, just in a little different order. Which background do you prefer?

All these original acrylics are the same size, 24×18 inches and 1.5 inches deep, and have been painted with lots of good energy and are filled with love. 🙂 Check out the gallery for individual galleries.