FINALLY, here’s the official photos of a completed “Yellow Hello Daisy.” You may recall that it has been nearly finished for months and I even included it in an art show in October!

Yellow Hello Daisy” – acrylic on stretched canvas 40×16 inches (1.02meters x 40.6cm), and 1.5 inches deep (3.8 cm). The stem continues onto the side of the canvas. It’s varnished with a protective matte finish.

So what is difference from the “in progress” painting and the finished one? It’s hard to tell the enhancements a few more hours did on this photo. First off, the background is a little deeper yellow and I’ve included a layer of gold which doesn’t come across at all here. The petals are much more defined with a lot more detailed work. The stem got some more shading and the back of the stigma did as well.

When I catch a glimpse, leaning against the wall in the studio, it’s hard to have any negative feelings… They just go away. It’s a painting full of joy without being too much “in your face.” It’s bright and very vibrant but when you see it in real life, it’s actually quite peaceful.