I have been waiting for this moment. Let me introduce you to my friends, Mr. Green and Mr. Purple. They are absolutely adorable and were painted this past summer ahead of my show in the Hampton’s, but I just never got around to taking photos of them. They were very popular during the Open Studio Event and the limited edition prints of these handsom guys are flying out the door (no bird flying pun intended). 

Mr. Green is a fun and colorful bird sitting on a wire. It measures 24×24 inches and is painted on a gallery wrapped canvas. I met this bird at the National Zoo in Washington, DC one day. He landed on a branch next to my head and sat there for a good 10 minutes while I was snapping photo after photo of him. Clearly he knew he was going to be immortalized on canvas, while I was worried he would attack me at any moment. In this painting, he’s sitting on a wire and the background is of a nice deep purple which fades almost to white. It’s painted on all sides and framed in a nice black wood floater frame. The painting is a larger version of a painting that was included in the Summer Art Auction 2012.

Mr. Purple is of a sweet, yet determined little bird that was inspired by a colorful bird that can be found in South Africa. It’s the same size as Mr. Green, 24×24 inches on 1.5 inches deep gallery wrapped canvas. This piece is a soft view of Mr. Purple sitting on a wire just contemplating life. The background is of a cloudy and dreary sky which goes from darker to lighter gray and spreads onto all sides of the painting. It is framed in a black wood floater frame.  Again, this started out as a smaller painting that was included in the Summer Art Auction 2012. 

They look amazing together and I still haven’t decided if I should sell them as a pair.  What do you think? 

This is actually their second frame. At first I framed them in this lighter natural wood floater that I though complimented the lighter feel to the pieces, but after seeing how amazing the limited editions look in the black satin frames I just couldn’t help myself. Absolutely love how they look.  

Absolutley love these guys and I think it will be hard to let go them.