Unwavering Tulips - original paintings by Erica Eriksdotter

We’ve seen how these two paintings came together over the last month (here and here), and it started with a commission through a gallery in New Jersey who represents my work. A client really liked the pieces in the gallery but wanted two specific pieces for his living room at his beach house. He wanted two individual pieces that had some sort of common thread so they looked like they belonged together, and he knew he wanted rectangular pieces to fit with the very tall ceilings. That’s how the commissions started, and you can see how I narrowed it down in this post and how they looked halfway in the process .

Since this was a two-painting commission, it was important to me when I sketched them out that the shapes and color really complimented each other. The petals needed to have the same volume and mass, the same height of the flowers and the boldness factor should be the same. The magenta is a strong color so I made sure to make the single tulip look-alike a stronger yellow and a deeper green.

Unwavering Tulips - Magenta, original

Unwavering Tulips - Yellow and green, original

These pieces are now hanging in a very white and bright room, with large windows facing the ocean, being the only color source in the large tall ceiling room. I’m quite jealous to be honest. I hope I get to see them again some day, and I hope that the client loves them so much he will come back for more. 🙂

This commission has been added to the modern gallery, stop by for my full portfolio.

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