Me and my personal trainer, Jenn of Sport & Health

I got myself a personal trainer to whip myself into shape and to finally get a stronger painting shoulder!

I started a month ago and I’m already FEELING better and can tell i’m getting stronger! I’m not dropping cloths sizes yet, but that’s OK. I’ve been complaining about my figure for a couple of years now but with working 24/7  I just couldn’t find the motivation or the time.  Can we ever, really? The gym is such a boring place. I was scared the first few times, to be honest, because working out has triggered more shoulder pain and migraines than positive result in the past.

Jenn at Sports & Health has 9 years of experience and really knows her stuff. She kicks my butt each session but always knows how far to push me and my shoulders so I can still paint in the evening and the following day.

Red faced after running

I come home telling Casey “I thought I was going to die today,” after each session, but I also feel better than what I have in years. I’ve gone from sitting all day long at my day job and sitting all evening painting to working out twice a week with Jenn. It’s very empowering to do exercises you didn’t think you were able to do. This past Sunday I even managed to run intervals on the treadmill for 30 minutes (a month ago I got out of breath walking up my stairs in my home!).

Stay tuned for more!